Is Child-Free For Me? is a podcast about the complexities of deciding whether to have children. Our goal is to create a forum for discussion and and a community to affirm and validate those who are navigating this process.

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Jill Brenner

Austin, TX

psychotherapist, wife, distance runner, traveler, movie + music lover, volunteer, and dog mama

I had an inkling at an early age that motherhood was not in my future. But when I married my husband in my early 30s, this question was more complex than either of us expected, and it became clear that it deserved in-depth exploration.

We found so many pros and cons to both sides of the argument and we, as a couple, worked to find the best answer for us. During the height of our confusion, though, it was disappointing to discover there was such a dearth of information on the topic. And there was an inherent loneliness and isolation that came along with the process, since the majority of our friends have kids.

Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that having children was not the choice for us and the life we want to live. But the child-free question continues to pop up as a fluid conversation for both me and my husband.

For me, this podcast was born (pun intended) out of my need to create a supportive community, hear others’ stories and feel less alone on this front. I was so lucky to have supportive friends like Saira that I could talk and vent to on my journey. We hope that this podcast will serve to help those who are confused and/or resolute on the matter and to assist them in feeling less marginalized and judged.


Saira John

Austin, TX

psychologist, wife, distance runner, food lover, and mother of two

I believe everyone has a reproductive story, and I’ve always found this subject fascinating – especially after my own fertility struggles.

I have a private practice specializing in  reproductive psychology. My professional interest runs the gamut from people who are deciding if they want kids to those who so desperately want them they go to extraordinary measures to make the dream a reality.

So, why did I choose this podcast and subject matter? Since Jill and I are close friends, I was with her as she sorted out her feelings on the matter and subsequently developed a deep appreciation for this difficult process. I grew to understand the sense of isolation, lack of information, judgment and confusion that comes along with navigating this big decision.

Even though I come from a “breeder’s” perspective, I do feel strongly that there needs to be more support and information available to people who are child-free or who are leaning in that direction. In working on this podcast, I’ve become so moved and educated by the stories our amazing interviewees share. We hope that this platform will be of some assistance to others who identify with the subject matter.

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